BYOD Guidelines & Acceptable Use Agreement

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Maribyrnong College allows students with a digital device, such as a tablet or a laptop that will accept wireless Internet to bring it to school, with the expectation that they will make good decisions with regard to their personal use of technology and adhere to the school’s guidelines in The Acceptable Use Agreement. This must be signed and provided to the school before access to the school’s wireless network

will be allowed. Any breach of the Acceptable Use Agreement will mean an instant termination of a student’s wireless network connection and the use of their device at school.

To allow students to use their own device for educational purposes, and to provide the student access to the school’s wireless network.

• The College reserves the right to disallow the student access to the school network due to breaches of this agreement.
• Parents/carers and students should be aware that files stored on the device or on the school’s server are not private.


minimum requirements

  • 11-inch screen Minimum

  • Intel Core i3 Processor Minimum o

  • 4Gb RAM Minimum o 128 Gb Hard drive or 128Gb SSD minimum; 512Gb recommended (if using a large number of audio/video files an external hard drive is advisable)

  • 2 USB ports * Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n compatible (wireless network connectivity)

  • Integrated speakers and microphone with headphone ports (standard in laptops)

  • US Keyboard with full size keys within the footprint

  • 1 x integrated pointing device eg Touchpad or Mouse o 6 cell (6 hour) battery– ensure battery is minimum 6 hour

  • Hard or protective shell laptop case to suit model.


BYOD Acceptable Use Agreement

Please refer to the downloads below

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) Form