We provide challenging curriculum programs in all curriculum areas and have high expectations that students will strive always to achieve their personal best.  Choice of subjects is gradually introduced as students progress through the school and once they have experienced all subject possibilities.

Year 7 and 8

The curriculum is predominantly “core” and students have the opportunity to choose one “extension” program each term. 

Full Year study- students study all subjectsHalf year study-students undertake 3 per semesterExtensions - students elect one per term.
NB. Examples only listed belowEnglish or ESLMusicInformation TechnologyMathematicsDramaProblem SolvingS.O.S.EArtCreative WritingHealth and Physical EducationVisual CommunicationForensic ScienceScienceFood TechnologyVarious Sports Wood TechnologyMovie Critics  Athlete Development Program (for Sport Specialist students only)

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Year 9 and 10

Full year study - students study all subjectsSemester length electives (students select two each semesterEnglish or ESLInformation TechnologyMathematicsArtS.O.S.EVisual CommunicationHealth and Physical EducationFood TechnologyScienceWood Technology Athlete Development Program (for Sport Specialist Students only) Music Drama Media

Year 11 and Year 12

The College currently offers 18 V.C.E. subjects and two V.E.T. programs.  The subjects we conduct each year are based upon student choices and the availability of qualified teachers. We plan courses to ensure that students can gain entry to their tertiary and career choices.

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Other Programs

Sustained silent reading

Reading ability is a major factor in academic success.  To promote and improve reading, all students from years 7 to 12 and all staff undertake 20 minutes of silent reading every day.

Managing Personal Learning (MPL)

All students at Maribyrnong College participate in the Managing Personal Learning (MPL) program. Through this program we aim to ensure that all students develop personal skills such as organisation, planning, goal setting and time management skills. All students will cover these topics and will cover the following year level specific themes.

  • Year 7  - Getting Organised- settling in, using your planner, achieving your best.

  • Year 8 – Extending Yourself as a Learner – homework and study, motivation, effective learning.

  • Year 9 –The Independent Learner – motivation, preparing for the City Centre program, community involvement

  • Year 10 – Futures – focus on preparation for work experience, VCE preparation

  • Year 11 – Raising the Bar – prepare for starting VCE, VCE requirements, prepare for part time/ full time work, study skills

  • Year 12 – Getting the most out of yourself – planning the year, applying for tertiary/ employment, study skills


In order to enhance organisational skills, student planners are provided to all students. Planners are also used as a means of communication between teachers and parents.  Students are expected to record all homework in their planners.

Homework is given to ensure that students practice new skills and revise their work.  It is an important aspect of the learning process.  Students should have access to a quiet space  in which to complete homework.

The College library is open after school every afternoon and students are able to go there to complete homework using the library resources.  From Monday to Thursday, teachers are rostered on to be available to assist students who need help with their homework.

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