Year Level Co-ordinators

Year 7 Ms Rossini.

Year 7 Mr Petricca.

Year 8 Ms Reeves.

Year 8 Mr Barry.

Year 9 Mr Fowler.

Year 9 Ms Griffth-Schofield.

Year 10 Mr Montesano.

Year 10 Ms Lamb.

Year 11 Mr Mazzarella

Year 11 Mr Micallef

Year 12 Mr A Walklate

Year 12 Ms Warren

Key Staff Contact Details

Staff members of the college are assigned specific roles to ensure that students have a positive social and educational experience.  Parents and students are invited to contact any of the following people to obtain assistance:

Mr Nick Scott

Assistant Principals
Ms Bernadette Caulfield

Ms Katherine Wharton

Ms Joy Moore

Sports Director
Mr Mark Mcallion

Transition Co-ordinator
Ms Joy Moore

Careers Co-ordinator
Ms Josie Butera

Student Welfare Co-ordinator
Ms Leah White

Integration Co-ordinator
Ms Leah White

Senior School Manager Years 11, 12
Mr Aaron Hester

Middle School Manager Years 9, 10
Ms Katherine Wharton

Junior School Manager Years 7, 8
Ms Fiona Walker