Extra Curricular Programs


Maribyrnong College offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in school life beyond the regular curriculum.

Instrumental Music

Music picWe currently offer small group lessons in Guitar, Percussion and Vocal.  Small group ensembles perform for students and in public. 

The College is keen to expand our performing arts program.  There will be an increase in both classroom and instrumental music teaching in 2008.  Our current master planning process includes the upgrade of the existing 280 seat theatre and the addition of purpose built performing arts spaces.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC at Maribyrnong College is a committee of students designed to be the “voice” of the students in the college. The SRC makes executive decisions about various issues and problems relayed to them, from other students.

SRC members 2009There is a nomination process for all students selected to be a representative. A maximum of 3 students per form are nominated by coordinators, then an anonymous vote is cast by other members of the class to elect the representative and emergency representative. Only one student will be elected from each class. The representative is required to attend all meetings and excursions for the SRC. A President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are later elected by the SRC.

Throughout the year, SRC representatives organise and run the School Social (usually held in Term 3), out of uniform days and other activities. They also attend several leadership and role modelling seminars and excursions over the year.

It is a privilege and honour to be an SRC representative for Maribyrnong College.   

Inter School Sport

Hockey state winAll students are able to try out to participate in the Victorian State Schools Sporting competitions.  We participate in every sport in which we have enough students interested in making up a team.  The teams usually train for three or four weeks before the competition at lunchtimes and after school.  Competition goes through stages, from local to district, regional and finally state championships.  Our policy about participation is that students should show good team spirit and good sportsmanship, rather than focussing on talent alone.  Students in the sports teams have the advantage of being able to play in teams along side elite athletes who are in our Sports Specialism Program


A three to five day camp is offered each year for students in years 7 – 10.  These camps focus on

  • Year 7:   Building relationships
  • Year 8:   Adventure activities
  • Year 9:   Leadership development
  • Year 10: Challenging thinking


Excursions are frequently organised to augment the curriculum and to provide different learning experiences.  Subject teachers will organise excursions on a class by class basis.

Work experience and Career Education

All year 10 students undertake two weeks of work experience each year.  As well, we offer extensive career preparation and advice through classroom programs, Managed Individual Learning and by providing an experienced Careers Co-ordinator who is available to provide advice to individual students.

Creative Arts Week

ArtworkAt Maribyrnong College, music, drama and the visual arts play an important role in the school curriculum. These three areas are celebrated on Creative Arts Week where students have an opportunity to demonstrate their talents to their friends and to their families.
Creative Arts Week has become a much anticipated annual event in the school calendar. The week consists of an art, graphics and woodwork display in the theatre foyer. A performing arts concert either a musical production or a variety show, is held during the day for students and evening performances are held for parents and families.